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“Mescaline Abuse and Treatment: How to Get Sober from this Non-Addictive Drug”

Mescaline is associated with tradition and recreation. It is also known to be non-addictive. This leads some people to wonder why it is considered illegal.

There are reasons why this drug is controlled despite its historical significance—it has been used since the earliest recorded time. And one of these reasons is the fact that mescaline can be dangerous when abused.

And despite being non-addictive, mescaline can still produce many adverse health effects, ranging from unpleasant to life threatening.

On this article, we will discuss mescaline abuse and how individuals can eliminate their cravings for the substance’s feel-good qualities.


Mescaline is a hallucinogen. It is taken from a small, spineless cactus known as Peyote (Lophophor williamsi). It is a powerful substance made from the disc-shaped button on the top part of the cactus, also known as the crown. It is so potent that only 0.5 grams of it can cause vivid hallucinations that can last for up to 12 hours.

It’s not surprising that mescaline is in the same family as magic mushrooms, LSD, and cannabis. It alters the way a person experiences his or her surroundings. They may begin to “see” music or “hear” colors. Users often have more brain activity compared to people who aren’t high on mescaline. This gives them a feeling of heightened awareness and consciousness—perceiving things that aren’t really there.

The peyote cactus itself is not illegal—it has traditional roots. Mescaline is tightly-controlled because of its potential health effects.


Historically, natives in northern Mexico as well as in the southwestern United States used peyote for meditation and religious practices. They considered the intense visual experience as something that transcends the human plane of existence.

Beyond this, however, mescaline serves no other purpose. It has no approved medical use, despite years of research regarding its potential.

Nowadays, mescaline remains as a Schedule I controlled substance. It is not prescribed for any medical condition or disease.

Signs of Abuse

Mescaline is more commonly associated with recreational use. It is popular amongst illicit drug users. It can be taken orally or intravenously. Taking it directly into the bloodstream causes more intense effects.

If you think someone you love is abusing the drug, there are a few signs you can look out for. For example, it s very hard to conceal the fact that someone is hallucinating. Mescaline users will be unable to react properly to their surroundings during the high because their senses are affected by the substance. For them, time can seemingly stop or stretch itself. They may even hear voices of people who aren’t actually present.

Other common signs of mescaline use include nausea, headaches, vomiting, confusion, chills, nightmares, and flashbacks.

Its euphoric effects may be out of this world, but the damage it causes is real.

Abuse Effects

The drug is not physically addictive. It will not make people crave for more. But its feel-good effects will keep them coming back, even if they are not addicted to it. For this reason, many people consider mescaline as a gateway drug. When not controlled, the user may be tempted to try other drugs—most of which are actually addictive.

That said, mescaline has its own set of adverse effects. These health problems affect the mind more than the body.

They can become more paranoid due to the fact that they are seeing, hearing, and feeling things that aren’t really there. They can get aggressive or even hostile, making them a threat to those around them.

Additionally, the fact that they are less responsive to their environment means they are at a higher risk of getting into an accident or hurting themselves.

It is worth mentioning that the euphoric effects of mescaline often come with inexplicable feelings of disgust and anxiety. Other common effects of mescaline abuse are panic attacks, irregular heart rate, convulsions, respiratory problems, and in the worst cases, death.

Addiction Treatment

Seeking treatment for mescaline abuse is still necessary. It should not be underestimated just because it is not physically addictive. Look for an addiction treatment facility near you and help the patient get on the path to recovery.

Treatment for mescaline abuse often focuses on the drug’s mental effects. Medications may be used, but behavioral therapy is also effective. It helps them cope with a drug-free life, and allows them to stay sober for a long time. They will be educated on how to maintain an addiction-free lifestyle. They’ll even learn how to cope with their problems without relying on drugs as a form of escape.

With counseling, support groups, addiction education, and other similar techniques, the patient can move on from their abusive habits.

Despite mescaline’s influence, a person can still make a full recovery.

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