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“Addiction-Free Relationships: The Benefits of Couples Detox and Rehabilitation”

Many professionals in the addiction treatment industry believe that one cannot get sober while in a relationship—especially if both partners are addicted to a certain substance. For this reason, many drug treatment centers focus on individualized programs that let the couples get sober separately.

However, there are benefits to getting treatment together—a fact that is utilized by treatment facilities that offer couples rehab or detox.

With this type of treatment, couples who are struggling with drug addiction can still live together while they’re working on their problem. This promotes communication and mutual support, as they go through a difficult process of facing withdrawal and temptations.

There are different methods employed during couples detox, but clinical research shows that couples who attend these programs have a higher degree of abstinence, regardless of the format.

What is Couples Detox-Rehab?

Couples who are suffering from addiction can find it difficult to stay in a loving and committed relationship. Whenever one of them tries to focus on getting sober, the relationship takes a backseat. Whenever they focus on their relationship, they struggle with getting sober—it’s a common problem.

Couples detox aims to hit two birds with one stone. By tackling these two problems simultaneously, the treatment plan becomes more solid. In the end, the relationship is strengthened, while the cycle of addiction is broken.

Programs commonly involve helping partners express their feelings, make decisions, and set boundaries. This happens while their withdrawal symptoms are managed, and medical professionals attend to their needs.

The only limitation is that both partners must be determined to finish the recovery process. Couples rehab involves a specialized program that requires the participation of both partners. They will be treated separately, and go through counseling separately, but they will be staying together for the duration of the detox. This means both of them have to stay strong throughout the treatment.

That said, there are also rehab programs for certain couples wherein only one person requires addiction treatment. Couples detox can be inpatient, outpatient, or a combination of both—it depends on the couple’s needs.

Regardless of method, couples rehab can help tackle the problem as a whole.

What to Expect

Treatment methods may vary according to the couple’s situation and level of abuse. There are treatment programs offered to accommodate each of these levels. Residential treatment is available for those who need intensive medical care and attention—these often last up to 30 days.

Partial hospitalization is for couples that need inpatient treatment but prefer a less restrictive environment. This allows more independence on the part of the patients.

Outpatient programs provide even more flexibility. It is usually used for couples that need to take care of their children or go to work and handle their finances. These require frequent visits to the treatment facility, usually 3 to 5 days per week, and 3 hours per day. With these programs, however, couples have to provide their own food and necessities. It should be noted that these are also more affordable than inpatient treatments.

There are also outpatient treatments that only take 2 days per week—but this is for couples with milder cases and minor withdrawal symptoms only.

Couples will go through a medical assessment in order to see what kind of program suits them best.


  1. Detoxification

This is the most important benefit of couples rehab, aside from the fact that it can also help the relationship survive this tough challenge. The process of detox involves gradually lowering the patient’s’ drug intake while managing their withdrawal symptoms. This is a safer alternative to abruptly quitting the drug—which may lead to dangerous withdrawal.

  1. Relationship Benefits

Addiction is not an easy thing to deal with, and it’s even harder to handle when you’re trying to recover alone. With couples detox, the patients can get support from somebody who’s going through the same problem—and not just anybody: they can get support from someone they really care about.

This treatment also allows couples to deal with their relationship problems head on—those that were caused by addiction, or those that started the abusive habits in the first place.

  1. Freedom of Expression

Most relationship problems stem from a lack of proper communication. Programs like couples detox can serve as a healthy medium for this type of communication. Personal issues can be resolved with the help of counselors.

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