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Over the last decade, technology and the internet have undeniably grown and processed. Some may argue for the worse, and some may argue for the best. Just like with most things in the world, when used correctly, technology can be such a humongous help for many individuals. Specifically, those struggling with addiction, in the comfort of their own place, were provided with a database that could help streamline the process of recovery. With so many treatment options available, many addicts may find it difficult to know where to turn to for help or how to get there. Therefore, a non-profit group, Addiction Policy Forum, has decided to create an online database that lists treatment options that are available in all 29 counties in the state of Utah.


Online Database


With this online database, many are able to obtain detailed information on numerous programmed from residential to outpatient; information such as the type of medication as well as if Medicaid or other insurance options are accepted are readily available for people to get access to. This online database was created in order for people to find the right treatments with detailed information as well as evidence-based practices without having to waste tens of thousands of dollars on the wrong treatments.


“SALT LAKE CITY – With so many treatment options out there for those struggling with addiction, there’s a new database that could help streamline the process. This week, the non-profit group, Addiction Policy Forum announced the expansion of its Addiction Recovery Center in Utah.


Casey Elliott, VP of communications for APF says those suffering or know someone who is battling addiction, often don’t know where to turn. “It is like searching for a needle in a haystack when you’re looking for help and you’re in a crisis.” Their online database will now list treatment options available in all 29 counties in the state.


“It is a one-stop shop for people who are struggling with this disease to access resources to help either themselves or the ones that they love,” said Elliott. People can get detailed information on various programs from residential to outpatient. They can learn what type of medication, and if Medicaid or other insurance options are accepted. “Many families end up spending tens of thousands of dollars on a treatment program that doesn’t have any sort of evidence-based practices and that’s dangerous,” said Elliott.”



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