Drugs and Crime


Almost all types of studies co-relate drugs and crime; those people who are deeply submerged in addiction are already predisposed to do such activity. According to reports, 80 percent of offenders have a history of drug abuse or alcohol. About 50 percent who landed in jail are diagnosed with severe addiction.

Feeding the habit


Drug addicts at the most intense level of drug use commonly involved in serious crimes which many have pre-existing criminal activity. They are more likely to be arrested for crimes like burglary, shop theft, and even robbery. As these dangerous substances alter their brain, it dictates them to such crimes to ‘feed their habit of addiction’.


Doing the unthinkable


Crimes related to addiction had become a common scenario today, such occurrence happened in Amity Oregon. A father whose mind had been changed by his drug addiction was shot dead when he entered a home for a suspected robbery. It was indeed an unfortunate and sad event. An event which experts believed a preventable one; with proper medical treatment and therapy, Kelly Sutton would not have met his death.

His story was more common than we thought. These incidences will continue to grow unless society acknowledges the problem and campaign against drug addiction.


“AMITY, Ore. (KOIN) — The 27-year-old father of 3 who was shot to death in a quiet Amity neighborhood was struggling with an addiction to meth, the mother of his children told KOIN 6 News in a written message.

Cheyeanne Moonlight Zimmer said the drugs changed Kelly Sutton’s brain, but not his heart.
Sutton was shot minutes after a 911 call around 5:24 a.m. Saturday by a resident who said a person they didn’t know was inside their house. The caller said they believed the intruder was high or drunk. Seven minutes later, officials said, Sutton was spotted on Rice Lane near Jellison Avenue.

A minute later, shots were fired, Yamhill County deputies said, though officials didn’t disclose how many shots were fired and who they came from. Paramedics were called after the shooting, but officials said “there were no signs of life.”
Investigators have not said whether Sutton had a weapon. Neighbors, though, are still talking about the gunshots: 2 pops — Bam Bam! — a pause and 5 more pops — Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam!

A criminal background check showed Sutton had some recent arrests, including robbery and burglary earlier in 2018. Relatives told KOIN 6 News they tried repeatedly to get him into rehab but he just wouldn’t go. Sutton was homeless at the time of his death.”


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